1 dicembre 2016

Hello Scandinavian December 2016

Dear readers, it's the  most wonderful time of the year, one of my favourite season, cute month and holidays time , not because is Christmas time also because I love the Christmas spirit, cold, my wedding anniversary and many many lovely memories.... So Welcome December... by the hand of the gorgeous orangey of Hakan Gidestrand in Malevik....

26 novembre 2016

Scandinavian Christmas Atmosphere in Netherlands....

Dear readers,  in the Scandinavian Style 300 sqm ,villa from 1917 in Harderwijk (NL) ,the owner an her family Sylvia Wink, welcomes Christmas in an eclectic interior décor atmosphere,with a mix of antiques, vintage and industrial... The perfect base for a cozy Christmas home....


22 novembre 2016

Scandinavian Christmas, on the table, Advent celebration in the orangery

Dear readers,take place for a mulled wine party! ....Invite to Advent celebration in the orangery with a scent of Scandinavian Christmas atmosphere decorations  with, fir branches, pine boughs, apples, candles....and inviting food


21 novembre 2016

Scandinavian Chritsmas Spirit in...Örebro Sweden

Dear readers, Just in time for the first Advent decorations in the home of Cici Borgström and  her  family in in Orebro(Sweden) an enchanted country villa in pure Scandinavian Style with 135 sqm from the 20's welcomes Christmas time with fir twigs, stars, flowers and candles.