02 luglio 2014

Close for 2014 Summer Holidays!!!.

Dear readers, Fancy Windows close for summer vacations, oh yeah!!!. So by the lake, in the Mountains, by the blue sea coasts or simply at home, I wish you ; HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!,see you on September!!! 

Natural sea pool,Bondi Beach Sydney.

01 luglio 2014

Colorful & renovated family home in Brisbane.

Dear readers,today i leave you with a renovated colorful family home in the sparkle city of Brisbane (Australia). Low budget, big ideas for this renovate home with a lot of 60's furniture, colorful knitting details... Vitamin for a summer day!!! Enjoy Color, Enjoy Summer, Enjoy 60's style!!!!.

30 giugno 2014

Casa Claudia in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Dear readers,normally for me & my son on these days we fly to Costa Brava (Spain) to enjoy a couple of months of vacation near the beautiful blue sea with my parents ... But this summer i sudden myself as architect and interior decor ... 

The owner, Ju Avellar.

27 giugno 2014

Eclectic 18th Belgian townhouse.

Dear readers, this weekend i leave you with few picture of a very eclectic 18th townhouse in the city of Ghent (Belgium)Belgium is famous for the gray weather and rain, chocolate, precious lace, MR. Poirot...just a small list of beautiful things.... But this eclectic townhouse has color, marvelous floor and stair in recoup wood,we could add to the list, isn't  it???

26 giugno 2014

Beyond the Future, Architecture of the New Millenium.

Dear readers, today i leave you with a surprising building construction in the port of Aarhus (Denmark). A vanguard vision for the future of the architecture with this unusual skyscraper called "The Iceberg".  Bjarke Ingels and the architectural firm BIG STAR are behind this gorgeous project.

25 giugno 2014

Scandinavian apartment in Warsaw.

Dear readers, designed by Soma Architekci this big apartment in the city of Warsaw is a clear example of the contemporary taste of this decade... black, white, grey, metropolitan tiles, mix of wood and parquet floor, industrial touches, aesthetic and classic furniture pieces from famous designers as the Eames chairs... So, Enjoy black and white, Enjoy Scandinavian Style, Enjoy metro tiles!!!

24 giugno 2014

Small rustic bungalow.

Dear readers, today i leave you with a small bungalow in the excellent result for a place with petite parameters,
full of dark old wood furniture...the result is very pleasant thanks to the white walls, curtains and  beads of the ceiling... Enjoy small cottages, Enjoy wood, Enjoy rustic.