23 gennaio 2017

French Style Cottage in Derbyshire...

 Dear readers step inside in this cosy country cottage in Derbyshire, two terrace cottage dating from the 19th century it's been turned in a French style with soft pallete of colours lovely family home...

21 gennaio 2017

Flower Arangement like in a Giverny Garden....

   Dear readers,  I am so tired about this winter bad weather, cold, snow, avalanches and etc....  I need something green, something as remember me a French spring garden....ūüĆľūüĆŅ like this beautiful green flowers  arrangement by the hand of the American flower designer based in New Orlenas, Margaret Ludwig, inspired in the town of Giverny( Normandy)

  • Trailing ivy
  • Moonstone’ roses
  • Lemonade’ roses
  • Super Green’ roses
  • parrot tulips
  • mature hydrangeas
  • Green Mist’ Queen Anne’s lace
  • hypericum berries stars of Bethlehem
  • amaranthus
  • hellebores
  • gardenia buds
  • bells of Ireland
  • salal
  • magnolia leaves
  • bupleurum
  • young hydrangeas
  • floral foam
  • floral knife
  • clippers
  • watertight vase

Via; Flowermag.com

Photography by: Eugenia Uhl


19 gennaio 2017

Scandinavian & French style in Gloucester....U.K

Dear readers, today I leave you with a rebuilt country villa in Gloucester a romantic new bungalow in  Scandinavian and French Style, with a soft palette of colours and feminine touches....

Photo; credit: Brent Darby


16 gennaio 2017

Shabby Chic Romantic Wooden Rustic Villa in south Poland

Dear readers, today I leave you with the wood rustic villa of Zosia in South Poland with a lot of charm .....blue shades details and with a shabby chic, romantic and feminine touch....


15 gennaio 2017

Sundays are for gardening; Green plants display inspirations....

ūüĆŅ Dear readers, in Sundays are for gardening.....some cute green plants displays inspirations for houses/apartments with an inner  green d√©cor touch... in this new 2017 ūüĆļūüĆīūüĆĶ !!!.


13 gennaio 2017

Scandinavian Country villa near Jönköping....

Dear readers, this weekend I leave you with the country villa of Andrew and Lisa who left the city of Gothenburg and moved back to J√∂nk√∂ping building their dream home... totally in eclectic Scandinavian Style and surrounded of beautiful nature....


11 gennaio 2017

Scandinavian family home in Skåne's beautiful landscape

Dear Readers, today I leave you with a typical Scandinavian family home in Sk√•ne (Sweden)and its beautiful landscape, the cosy home of Victoria and Peter  modern ,white practical and with a very Scandinavian taste ....