30 aprile 2014

Fabulous New Orleans apartment in a Condo.

Dear readers,these days (Happy 1° of May to everybody!!!) i leave you with an amazing apartment at the French Quarter (New Orleans)in a Condo.... What to say, i have no words to describe this jewel!!!. Love the kitchen ummmmmm, J'adoooooooooooooooooooore the bathroom, the red brick wall, the wood floor, the shabby furniture....so  Enjoy 1° of May, Enjoy Deep South, Enjoy Shabby Chic,Enjoy New Orleans!!!

don't miss the bath, don't miss the bath don't miss the bath, don't miss the bath...

29 aprile 2014

Living in the Mediterranean South.

Dear readers, how many times in our life we have dreamed to living in the South of the Mediterranean area??? (even the big economic crisis those are the most dreamed countries); Spain,Italy,France,Greece... One, ten, hundred times, leave all and choose a sunny place, good food, clear sea beaches and wonderful characteristic houses.... 

So today i leave you really dreaming in this amazing two floors characteristic house in the South of Spain. This gorgeous place has all that i love in the houses that i post, big soul, big character & big personality...handmade vintage tiles, bright rooms  adorable kitchen and bathroom, the storage room with recoup furniture, the roof... I can smell the Spanish Jazmin in the hot afternoons. An inviting quite dream... Enjoy South, Enjoy quiet life, Enjoy joy!

28 aprile 2014

Villa Bel Colle... life in black and white.

Dear readers, since my body decided that wanted to accommodate all the microbes around my son's kindergarten during these years... They found all the doors open in an organism that accepts every kind of disease; flu,any kind of ache, but over all tonsillitis , Ugh!. Oh well, I'll go to mine... I will leave you with a wonderful Villa, yes because this kind of house with 800 square meters is a splendid Villa with the evocative name of Villa Bel Colle,  is not located in Italy...

 Is located in Norway, in the past this stately Residence, housed the Italian ambassador and was allowed to have animals like zebras... Now this 33 room house is renovated with fine materials and the interior decor is totally in black and white, mirrors,oriental sculptures, Barcelona Mies Van der Rohe chair, and the most interesting an incredible well cared garden. This house has a lot of details to thief... Enjoy Villa Bel Colle, Enjoy black&white, Enjoy luxury!!!

27 aprile 2014

Focus on: 10 Scandinavian kitchen.

Dear readers, after some days with sore throat and high fever i could to get up this morning...well i leave you with a small selection of Scandinavian Style kitchens.

24 aprile 2014

Stockholm easy chic apartment.

Dear readers, the Swedish Real Estate agency Fantastic Frank (famous around the world thanks to all the bloggers who post it pics) tries to entice next buyers in this way; giving to the properties to sell a touch of simplicity and charm... I love the kitchen!!!

 I would add that their work, it has came very well seeing the result of this cool Stockholm apartment... Enjoy Scandinavian style, Enjoy simpleness, Enjoy Fantastik Frank.

23 aprile 2014

A Shabby Edwardian house in Essex.

Dear readers ,lately I like to start my post with the pictures of kitchens from the houses that inspiring me... This Edwardian country house in Essex has an adorable kitchen, with some interesting things to copy... as the bellow small corner... Enjoy Shabby Chic style, Enjoy Country Style, Enjoy white!!!

22 aprile 2014

Eclectic loft in Canada.

Dear readers, everything is OK, some holidays are enough to start the week with a new energy!!!. So today i leave you with an eclectic and mix loft in Canada. Brick red wall,stone wall, black parquet, Tom Dixon lights and a small black kitchen with a chalkboard effect paint  wall... Enjoy mix, Enjoy eclectic, Enjoy art!!!


18 aprile 2014

Happy 2014 Easter!!!

Dear readers, I wish to everybody a very Happy Easter!. I leave you with a small selection in my style of Easter inspirations...See you in Tuesday...Enjoy Easter, Enjoy family , Enjoy outdoor life!!!.

17 aprile 2014

Summer House at the Archipelago.

Dear readers, Easter is on the corner...so today I leave you with a few photos but very suggestive and full of ideas for small homes... A summer home for holidays in a archipelago Scandinavian. Color, simplicity and desire to stay outdoor enjoying the nature... We set sail!!!. Enjoy nature, Enjoy outdoors! Enjoy sea!!!

Take a tour on this gogeous Hastings home

Dear readers,  from the had of Wealden Times take a tour on the gorgeous home of Helen Robinson at  St. Leonards ( Hastings, East Sussex,...